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The StockCharts Technical Rank (SCTR) is a swing trading tool for stocks. It combines long-term, medium-term, and short-term technical indicators to calculate a score that shows the technical strength of a stock in all time frames. The highest scoring stocks are very likely to move higher in a strong and sustained uptrend. This indicator shows a stock's SCTR score over time in the lower subgraph.


The scanner can be customized to either search for the stocks with the highest overall score, or to search for the stocks with the largest 1 day change in score. The results of these scans can then be sorted either by score or by change in score. 


The technical indicators used to calculate the SCTR score are the 200 day EMA, 125 day Rate of Change, 50 day EMA, 20 Rate of Change, 3 day slope of the PPO Histogram, and 14 day RSI. Each indicator is weighted depending on how important it is, with the long-term indicators being the most important.

SCTR Scanner & Indicator

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