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This indicator plots horizontal supply and demand zones at key levels where price has previously made big moves. The indicator has the ability to show two different types of zones: reversals and range breakouts. When reversals is selected, the indicator will plot zones after there is a large reversal. When range is selected, it will plot zones when price was trading in a tight range for a few bars, and quickly broke out of the range. Each zone is automatically sized based on the price action around the origin of the zone.


The indicator can be customized to change the strength & number of zones shown, and whether or not to hide zones that have been breached. You can also filter out weaker zones based on the price action around the origin of the zone. There are four different levels of filter stringency from which you can choose. You can also receive alerts when price enters one of the zones. This indicator can be used with stocks, futures, and forex on any time frame.

Supply & Demand Zones

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